Protect Your Skin !!!

Scientifically proven that all disease comes from the nervous system. Stress reflects the  skin, so we need to take care of our faces.
Let’s look at some of the methods of protection for the skin.
To protect the skin in the fall – winter period, the recommended course of vitamins. Most usefull vitamins are A, E , C..   Which are enriched with calcium and magnesium. If you have a dry Skin , it means that organism need the B group of vitamins. Start with the vitamins and the problem will disappear in a week. And to avoid this problem just include in your daily ration brown bread and greens..

Antibacterial soap kills all bacteria, but it also destroys the microphlore of the skin which defends us from viruses.This is especially harmful for children. The use of antibacterial soap is not recommended for facial skin.

Our skin is a major barrier, which doesn’t allows  infections to come in. So, you should wash your face nearly 2 times a day to help your skin.

Brownish colour of the skin, dried skin and premature wrinkless are caused by toxic poisoning (usually by smoking). all the harmfull substances penetrates into the skin and it fades the facial skin prematurely.


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