How to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy, so you do not create health problems? lot of woman is worried about it.  A fashion trend such as family planning, without contraception is actually impossible. Although there are many ways to birth control, but the selection is not so easy. nowadays, the most common are pills.

GYNECOLOGIST ANSWERS :- What is Hormonal Contraception? How effective is it?
– Hormonal contraception is an oral hormonal remedy in the form of pills. Its purpose is to protect women from unwanted pregnancy. Efficiency is 99%. 1% of a chance that a woman will get pregant, Contraceptives are designed to be easily accessible, inexpensive and easy to use.

-Is it neccessary that pills were subscribed by the doctor? and how safe is it?

Hormonal contraceptives should be selected by physician.does the pills increase womans weight?
if the pills will be selected correctly, there is o any problem. This is why it is necessary that gynecologists and women work together, that does not cause side effects. byt 2_3 kg increase in weight may occur.

If you decide to use hormonal pills dont be lazy 🙂 and go to the gynecologist. 


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