I think every girl dreams of that soft, subtle, and lips have shown,  the passionatelips of a woman is considered as the main weapon.

despite of sunny days, its still cold outside, so if we add a cold wind, your lip dryness is guaranteed. number one advice from me is not to leave home without lip balm, and of course you can cover it with your favorite lipstick.

1. every morning, during the tooth brushing, massage your lips with a soft brush, so it will take off the dead cells, and the circulation of the blood will contribute to restore your lip skin. after this proccess put a honey on the lips, not balm, even lipstick, just honey .

2.never put salaiva on lips. it dries and damages lip skin as wind and cold. 

3. never sleep with your lipstick, remove it before going to bed.

4. mixture of a carrots and apple juice returns the natural colour of your lips. mix it with the same quantities and apply it on lips. Result?  – soft, velvety an pinky lips. 


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