Every person likes a lot of boys or girls but not everybody go to a date wih everyone. In this post i want to tell you how not to make a date weird. First advice and most important is that you must not drop your friends everytime a boy calls you waiting to see you. Friends are always better then boyfriend, and not only that.. It will increase his wish to see you. Now , about dates:::

1) when you are on a date, never mind about silence. Bit of silence is oK.

2). Ask him about himself.

3) dont ask questions that can be answere yes or no. You need to get him talk.

4)dont be shy, concentrate putting your boy on ease.

5). Its not necessary to go out in the evening. Daytime date feels more relaxed.

6). Always tell to somebody where are you going.

7) do not drink a lot alcohol and do not leave your drink alone (little safety will be ok)


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