1. Be hygienic.

if you are planning to be a girl that everybody  stares, first thing you should do is to wash yourself every single day. nobody likes smell of sweat and nobody is comfortable with it, and if you think that u do not have a smell because ur sweat glands do no really produce enough sweat to be noticed, oh believe me you are wrong. even though you cant smell it go and wash.    brush your hair before u leave home, put a little mirror in your bag, just in case. and wash your clothes every day.

2. take care of your nails.

if you want to look nice put a natural colour manicure on your nail and not different colours on every single fingernail. vulgarization just makes you vulgarizer.   nearly your skin colour manicure makes nails look bigger and nicer. you can use pink tones, red tones, french manicure, this types make you refined.

3. Shave

Shave ur legs, Arm-pits, bikini zone. never shave little moustache that every girl has. you can do wax but never shave it.  never go anywhere unshaved, first of all it makes you feel clean.

4. look after  ur hair

u just can read advices i wrote for you about hairstyles. but what i m gonna add is that cut 1 inch in every two month to save its good condition

5.   practice

let me tell u that if you think diet can help you to loose weight  , ooooh you are soooo wrong.  practice with the help of diet will give a real result.  practice helps for 75%  loosing weight, and diet-25%.

6.  use a natural make-up

do not put every colour of eyeshadow in one little eye. because its gonna help you to establish vulgarization club.

what  u gonna need is some make up, clothes, confidence and love of yourself.    so good luck to everybody. 🙂


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