Error 1. Morning practice will lead to weight loss, nonsense – to lose 1 kilogram you have to spend 800 calories , and the morning training makes u burn maximum of 300 kkalorias!

Mistake 2. Active physical exercise is the best way to lose weight.  false-it can lead to a muscle growth and big muscles means to gain some weight.  However,  exercising is the most healthy way to lose weight.

Mistake 3. Visiting a bath will help you in weight loss. This is not entirely wrong, because after bathroom procedure, people do lose about 2 kg mass. But this loss is due to loss of water resources from the organism, which has been restored in several hours.

Mistake 4. Methods are becoming available and the diet that can help you lose weight once and for all! In fact – any kind of diet is related to the suspension of production of adrenaline, which burns fat and as a result – weight gain  process begins again. That is, if after a strict diet you returned to your usual ration , you gonna gain weight very quickly

Error 5. to effectively lose weight it is necessary to restrict the frequency of food. Is false, because in this case, everything will work just the opposite. if  you get right amount of food including necessary products – you wont get fat, but if you  miss breakfast and eat two portion of dinner, the body will not be able to handle amount of calories and it will store lot of it, as supplies. supplies – fat.

Error 6. with including fruits in your diet you will not gain a weight.   not true. cause every fruit contains calories. but if you want to be on a fruit diet just make sure that it includes more watermelon, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry


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