advises to ones not happy about themselves.
first of all, i want every single woman to know that there is not ,anywhere (in whole world) ugly woman, every female is nice and beautiful However not everyone look after themselves and realizing that you are not less or more than anyone will give you more confidence. But before you start transforming yourself into fashionista you should know that as Coco Chanel once said “Elegance Does Not Consist in Putting on a New Dress”, it is something more to be attractive, like…. your soul (on which I’m not going to pay to much attention in this post) and to feel confident about yourself. (which makes every single man crazy about woman) .  i guess your question is what gives you a confidence. one and only answer:    loving yourself!!!! thats the only answer.   if you want somebody to respect you, firstly u have to love and respect yourself. how to love yourself?       very first thing to do try to be nice to everybody, im not saying very nice, there are boundaries. make sure u have some attitude so others wont be able to take advantage  of u. after that u have to like your appearance and accept it. if u dont like something in ur outlook change it then. work out at least 30 minutes per day. go to the gym, (i was going to belly total fitness, $30 per month, didnt like it very much. and there are lot of gyms starting $5 per week) still, if u cant afford it go outside, run, do pushups or some other staff, remember if u dont sweat u r doing something wrong.   if u cant do anything about it just forget working out, and ACCEPT AND LOVE YOUR BODY. appearance is not about size. its about how u “show yourself” to you.           make sure u have right hairstyle and hair color. remember, every shape of face has some kind of hairstyle that goes on it. do you manicure-pedicure, wax or shave legs, bikini and other staff… this routine makes u feel fresh and clean. and if u feel that way, then you’ve started loving yourself. chose right style of clothes and u are ready to go……………  of course it takes time to feel right, so give it a time.

  Last advice:          when you walk, walk like 100 men are following you.



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