Of course, dark circles under eyes never make anybody pretty, so some people hide it with powder or cream.however it’s still there. that it the problem that needs to be eliminated. How to get rid of these problems?  First, you should contact your doctor. dark eye circles reasons  might be:
* An internal disease symptoms, which have not been exposed yet.
* Stress, chronic fatigue, or vitamin A deficiency result. Receive vitamin complexes, especially – autumn – winter period, which is a serious test for the organism.

As soon as u make sure u have not any disease, you can start darkness liquidation. No matter how banal it sounds, firstly, you need a good sleep , and im not talking about length, but  the quality. there should not be the cold nor very hot in the bedroom. put dark curtains in. If you urgently need to put urself together  try to sleep on several pillows at night- It drives excess liquid out and calm swelling . You must control the amount of fluid taken at night. kill Thirst with cold water or soothing herbal tea .  put the pads dipped in tea on eyes. for best results put tea in fridge. and use it cold. after pads clean under eye circles with camomile ice cubes. u just boil water and pour 1 cup of water on 2 tea spoon camomile, leave it 30 minutes and make ice cubes with it. use it every morning as well when u wake up.


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