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Of course, dark circles under eyes never make anybody pretty, so some people hide it with powder or cream.however it’s still there. that it the problem that needs to be eliminated. How to get rid of these problems?  First, you should contact your doctor. dark eye circles reasons  might be: * An internal disease symptoms, … Continue reading


This mask is especially beneficial for dry skin. Take one piece of medium-sized ripe banana,  and Mix one teaspoon of milk. (If you have greasy skin, instead of milk mix one tablespoon lemon juice ) Put it on the face and retain for 20 minutes, and then clean with  cotton, drenched in milk (or just … Continue reading


Cellulite is women’s sworn enemy and they try every possible way to fight it which is really expensive and since not everybody can afford it i want you to know some home made recipes which can help prevent your cellulite-problems. Home made anti-cellulite scrubs have a great effect . But keep in mind that this … Continue reading


I think every girl dreams of that soft, subtle, and lips have shown,  the passionatelips of a woman is considered as the main weapon. despite of sunny days, its still cold outside, so if we add a cold wind, your lip dryness is guaranteed. number one advice from me is not to leave home without lip balm, and of course you can cover it with your favorite … Continue reading


Dry skin is one – one of the most common problem for people around the world And it’s getting worse during the winter season.  lotions may not help to protect the skin, and some of them are very expensive and nobody is insured that it will be effective in your skin. That’s why i offer a natural method for dry skin which will  help you save you time and money.1. Drink a water you should drink 10 … Continue reading

Protect Your Skin !!!

Scientifically proven that all disease comes from the nervous system. Stress reflects the  skin, so we need to take care of our faces. Let’s look at some of the methods of protection for the skin. To protect the skin in the fall – winter period, the recommended course of vitamins. Most usefull vitamins are A, E … Continue reading